Watch Reyyan’s story, just one of the children we are helping.

Through generous support we have been able to pay for and sustain an orphan programme; feeding, clothing, educating and sheltering the most vulnerable of all. We have helped children who’ve lost limbs have new ones fitted. In partnership with INSAN We’ve launched an app, The 12 Steps Program, that allows people to learn how to deal with the stresses that they are feeling as a result of the war.  

“The car that was taking us to shelter broke down in the middle of a bombing. My mind stopped working while the planes were hovering over our heads. I felt like life stopped until a group of people managed to save us and get us in a safe basement. I couldn’t sleep for 3 continuous days. Then one day my husband came to me sadly to tell me that my brother whom I saw that morning had died. I was so weak and thought of suicide a couple of times, but what kept me strong was the 12 steps. I managed to get out of my sadness through the group support and communicating with Insan during our hardest times. I feel more confident now and believe I have an important role in life. I try to support others and stand by them as Insan once stood by me, for I know exactly what they feel during bombing, displacement, and loss”
— A 23 year old mother of two

Last year we raised over £40,000 at our annual dinner in June for the orphan program run by Syria Relief, meaning for the last 6 months we have been providing shelter, education, clothing and food for 55 orphans trapped inside East Ghouta in Syria. 

We also donated £20,000 to support a mobile prosthetic limbs clinic operating inside Syria, where it is providing life-changing treatment. It is estimated that at least 30,000 people have lost limbs as a result of the war, many of whom are women and children, those who often pay the highest toll.

It takes time to fit a new limb, in fact, patients receive a total of 3 limbs throughout their treatment – the first two are intermediate limbs which the patient wears over the course of their physiotherapy to allow their body to adapt to its new shape, then third and final one is fitted. Today, our patients can expect to receive a lightweight, strong prosthetic with highly flexible joints. The average cost of fitting a limb is £550.

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