Orphan campaign

This year our main campaign was to help children who have been orphaned by the war. The exact numbers that need help are unknown, but they run into tens of thousands. We have donated £36,000 to Syria relief, to support the amazing work they continue to do on the ground, with orphans in Syria and neighbouring countries. £50 will clothe, feed, educate and shelter an orphan for a month, £600 for a whole year.

“the sponsorship has been a lifeline. With the monthly stipend I have been able to cover a large part of the expenses of the children and I am now no longer out on the streets trying to secure my next job” She went on to say “all I can do is to extend my sincere thanks not only for the sponsorship but for giving my child attention and love”
— Mother of 11 year old Maram

With no family to support them and in desperate need of help, thousands of children fled their homes without their parents, some as young as 9 are having to take full responsibility for their younger siblings.  


 Others are being looked after by an elderly grandparent, with little means of providing for their grandchildren, or by well-meaning neighbours whose own households are already under great pressure. Our orphan sponsorship package covers all aspects of essential care, including food, clothing, healthcare and education.